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All meeting and events are free and open to the public.  Please join us for an adventure.


Feb 12 “Monarch Butterflies”, Val Frankoski, Wildcat Glades Conserv & Audubon Cntr, Joplin, MO

Mar 12  "Wildflowers - the good, the bad, the invasive", Amy Buthod, Botanical Spec at Univ of OK

Mar 24   Birding field trip to Oxley Center, depart 7:30 am bring sack lunch; S. Sullins 918 786-2638

Apr 9   **  MEETING SPEAKER CHANGE  ** "The effect of heavy metal contamination on adult song birds”, Heather LePage, research assistant Oklahoma Biological Survey, Univ of OK

Apr 28   Birding field trip to Spavinaw Creek area, depart at 8:00 am, bring sack lunch; S. Sullins 918 786-2638

May 8   Birding field trip, "Birder Weekend-Arkansas", depart 5:45 am, lunch available at event; F. Houck 918 787-6532

May 14  "Dragonflies", Michael Patton, PhD, Professor, OK biological Survey, Univ of OK

May 19  Birding field trip to George Washington Carver,see links; depart 7:00 am, bring sack lunch; J. Beyer 787-5188

Jun 11   Annual Pot Luck Picnic, 6:00 pm location TBA

Jun 13 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerNov 9 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerDec 14 "The Red-cockaded Woodpecker", Clay Barnes, Wildlife Biologist Technician, McCurtain County Wilderness AreaSep 26 Grey Snow Eagle Rehab House; depart 6:30 am; FJan 23JjFeFF FebA

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