Upcoming events

All meeting and events are free and open to the public.  Please join us for an adventure.


Mar 18   Har-Ber village opens for season

Mar 24-May 8th Smithsonian traveling exhibition, "The Way We Worked"; Har-Ber Village Museum; see links

April 10  Amanda Wiley, Naturalist, Bernice State Park Nature Center; “Oklahoma Reptiles”

Apr 15   Birding Field trip to Hackberry Flats, TBA; L. Stanfill 918.589.4140

Apr 24   Birding Field trip to Spavinaw Creek, depart 8 am, bring sack lunch; S. Sullins 918.786.2638

May 8    Doug Woods, Ornithologist & Prof. of Biological Sci, SE OK State Univ.; “Antarctic Birds”

May 13  Birding Field trip to George Washing Carver National Park, depart 7 am, bring sack lunch; J. Beyer, 918.787.5188

June 12  Annual picnic; location to be announced

June 17 "Ecology & Environment Day"  Har-Ber Village, Grove, OK;  see www.har-bervillage.com for more information

Jun 13 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerNov 9 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerDec 14 "The Red-cockaded Woodpecker", Clay Barnes, Wildlife Biologist Technician, McCurtain County Wilderness AreaSep 26 Grey Snow Eagle Rehab House; depart 6:30 am; FJan 23JjFeFF FebA


Grand Lake Audubon Society


Audubon ? ?

John James Audubon (1785-1851), used his talent and interest in birds and bird conservation, to paint 435 life-sized prints in an effort to describe all of the birds of America.  He conducted the first known bird-banding experiment in North American by tying strings on the legs of Eastern Phoebes and discovered that birds return to the same nesting sites each year.  George Bird Grinnell, one of the founders of the early Audubon Society in the late 1800s, chose the name Audubon as the inspiration for the organization and as a symbol of birding and bird conservation worldwide.

The Grand Lake Audubon Society of Grove, OK, is a chapter of the National Audubon Society.  The goal of our society is:  

  • To promote the conservation of wildlife and natural environment
  • To encourage interest in the study of nature
  • To provide the opportunity for study and observation of birds and other wildlife
  • To contribute to research in the fields of conservation and ornithology by monetary support and active participation
  • To educate the public on the need to protect wild birds and animals, trees and plants, soil, air and water; and promote a better understanding of these natural resources



Meetings are held at Grace Presbyterian Church, 4th & Main Street in Grove, OK, the Second Monday of each month September through May, at 7:00 pm.  All meetings and field trips are free and open to the public.

     Field trips

Birding field trips are scheduled to visit wildlife areas both locally and regionally.  Carpool meeting place for most birding field trips is the Grove Wal-Mart parking lot behind Rib Crib.  The public is encouraged to join us.  We leave on time.  So, don't be late.  More detailed information of a specific birding field trip is announced at the monthly meeting, in the GLAS newsletter or by contacting the trip leader.

     Chapter Projects

               Audubon Adventures

Our chapter sponsors Audubon Adventures for schools and local youth organizations.  This National Audubon Educational Program stresses education about animals and their habits, ecology and other environmental needs.  It calls upon the uses of reading, language arts, mathematics and art in this learning process.  Membership dues and fundraising events support this project.

              Christmas Bird Count

This oldest ongoing U.S. annual bird count is a winter census and predictor of migratory trends.  The area canvassed by Grand Lake Audubon Society is south the Grand Lake through Spavinaw Wildlife Management area.  Participation by experienced and novice birders is encouraged and appreciated.  Please consider joining us.