Upcoming events

All meeting and events are free and open to the public.  Please join us for an adventure.

Oct 8     Monthly meeting 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church, 4th & Main; "Introduction of Wolves in Yellowstone", Larry Shanks, wildlife biologist

Oct 12-13  Pelican Festival, Wolf Creek Park, Grove, OK; contact Willie Hale at 918.791.0926 for more info or to volunteer

Oct 20   Owl Watch, Har-Ber Village, bring covered dish to share; carpool from Grove WalMart parking lot behind Rib Crib at 5:15 pm

Nov 12  Monthly meeting 7 pm Trintiy Baptist Church 4th & Main;  *** Speaker Change ***  Heather LePage & William Oakley will give a program on "Effects of Heavy Metals on Birds" and "Purple Martin Colonies in OK"

Jan 14   Monthly meeting 7 pm Trinity Baptist Church 4th & Main, " Introduction of the Condor", Mike Davis, wildlife biologist

Jan 26   Eagle Watch   *** Original date Jan 19th cancelled due to weather ***  carpool from WalMart parking lot behind Rib Crib at  6 am ; breakfast in Arkansas on your own.

Feb 11  *** Speaker Change ***  Monthly meeting, 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church, 4 & Main;  Brandon Brown, Paddlefish/caviar coordinator, Ok Dept Wildlife Conservation will share information about an international film crew that worked in Oklahoma on a film about pioneers in ecology

Mar 11  Monthly meeting 7 pm Trinity Baptist Church, 4 th & Main;  "Euchee Butterfly Farm", Jane Breckenridge, director

Mar 23  Birding field trip, Oxley Nature Center; depart 7:30, bring sack lunch; S Sullins 918 786-2638

Apr 8    Monthly meeting, 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church 4th & Main; "The Vulture", Mike Davis, wildlife biologist

Apr 11  "Home School Day" at Har-Ber Village;  Grand Lake Audubon Society will participate with a booth from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in this Ecology & Environment event

Apr 24   *** Schedule change***  Birding field trip, Spavinaw, depart 8 am, bring sack lunch; S. Sullins 918 786-2638

May 4    Birder Weekend Arkansas, depart 5:45, lunch available at event; F. Houck 918 787-6532    

May 13  Monthly meeting, 7 pm, Trinity Baptist Church, 4th & Main; "Oklahoma Bats", Jena Donnell, OK Dept of Wildlife information specialist  

May 18  Birding field trip, George Washington Carver National Park;  *** Cancelled due to weather *** depart 7 am, bring sack lunch; J Beyer 918 787-5188

Jun 10  Annual pot luck picnic, 6 pm; Grand Lake Sailing Club, 31700 S 605 Rd, Grove; bring covered dish with serving utensil to share

Oct 9-12 Pelican Festival, Wolf Creek State Park; volunteers and saleable items needed; Willie Hale, 918 791-0926


Annual brochure of meetings, events, etc. -  files/brochure_2018-2019.pdf


Jun 13 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerNov 9 "The Beauties of Nature", Tom Whipple, Local Nature PhotographerDec 14 "The Red-cockaded Woodpecker", Clay Barnes, Wildlife Biologist Technician, McCurtain County Wilderness AreaSep 26 Grey Snow Eagle Rehab House; depart 6:30 am; FJan 23JjFeFF FebA